Meditating Before the Great Expanse of Silence

The silence of opening
Doesn’t creak like an old door
Yet it’s like a door opening
Passing from one room to another
As true as night and day
I can’t say, which way,
Sometimes it feels like I’m
Entering day
Sometimes I’m opening up the night
Darkness – lost in shadows
Old fully clothed thoughts
Pockets filled
Shoulders gathering dust
Gently urging me into darker corners
To torture and taunt me
Until daybreak.But I’ve learned to use the dark
As a talisman like alarm
That brings me back into the light
Reminding me, I’ve explored
All my corners – all the shadows
I’m quite comfortable in my shadows
In the old clothes.There have been shadows in the wilderness
Being alone, in silence, dependant on me
Each breath means being alive
I am aware of each one
There is total joy in knowing
I’m about to pull inside, fresh air
All for me, for a little while
It’s a love affair, with air.

The silence of opening
I never hear
But feel the rushing in of silence
Taken from all the noise around it
Silence is much greater
There is more of it –           I listen for it
And it seeks me out
Brings me to all my mountain places
To show me
The great expanse of silence.

by Terrance D. Young